Taylor Street Tattoo Co.

Chicago, IL

TAYLOR STREET TATTOO is a classic tattoo studio specializing in traditional and custom designs.

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Happy Anniversary Lance

We were lucky to have Lance join us a little over a year ago and all of us at TST wish him a happy anniversary and hope we get to share many more with him!

Here are a few words from Lance:

"Yesterday marked the 25th anniversary of my career as a professional Tattooer. So strange to me. I'm insanely fortunate and grateful to be participating in this life and craft. My path has been full of bliss and at times, tribulation. The troubles are almost always of my own making. The bliss is due to the magic of this thing and the countless people who've helped me, taught me, inspired me, and trusted me. Thanks to EVERYONE, clients, mentors, bosses, coworkers, peers, friends and family. I get out what I put in. I hope in the next 25 to contribute in my own small way to the betterment of this thing, and to give more than I get."

This is an oldie from the 90's

This is an oldie from the 90's

Welcome to the new Taylor Street Tattoo website!

It has been a few years since we have had a website up and running so this is big news for us! We have all of our artists listed for you to check out along with their portfolio photos. We will also be posting information on upcoming events and scheduled guest artists so check in periodically to see what we are up to. The calendar feature will help you find out when our special events are happening. Have a look around and we hope to see you at the shop soon!



P.S. Many thanks to the talented and patient Jackie of Kilmer Design!

We do not do piercings.